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silhouette of man filled with crossesOctober 24, 2015

Emptiness which is conceptually liable to be mistaken for sheer nothingness is in fact the reservoir of infinite possibilities. -D.T. Suzuki

I said nothing for a time, just ran my fingertips along the edge of the human-shaped emptiness that had been left inside me. -Haruki Murakami, Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

Grace fills empty spaces, but it can only enter where there is a void to receive it, and it is grace itself which makes this void. -Simone Weil

In all our searching, the only thing we’ve found that makes the emptiness bearable is each other. -Carl Sagan

The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. -Eden Phillpotts

Where once there was a void,
Now at least there are
Seeds of splendour,
Becalmed belief for another time. 
-Scott Hastie

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