which came first (?)

side by side paintings of pink heart with red cross in it, and a red cross with a pink heart in itNovember 2, 2015

Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?…I think the answer is that a circle has no beginning. -J. K. Rowling

Which came first, the mind or the idea of the mind? Have you never wondered? They arrived together. The mind is an idea. -Bernard Beckett

What came first–the music or the misery? Did I listen to the music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to the music? -Nick Hornby

Which came first–the observer or the particle? -Vanna Bonta

Just to settle it once and for all: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The egg, laid by a bird that was not a chicken. -Neil deGrasse Tyson

We love because he first loved us. -1 John 4:19 NIV

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