IMG_0228A Cross a Day is a “365 project,” in which I commit to making one cross each day for the next year, beginning on November 19th (my birthday!) 2014. Like so many other artists/creatives across the country and around the interwebs, I look at this daily commitment as an  opportunity to experiment with different media and materials on a small, bite-size scale (How much can you belabor your work when you have to come up with something new each day?). With a self-imposed discipline and a strict timeline, I’m hoping to become more spontaneous artistically while sharing some inspiration and insights with my readers. And I hope to emerge a year from now, on my birthday, changed for the better.

So why a “cross” a day? The cross is iconic, full of history and meaning. It’s a symbol of faith, reverence, inspiration and hope. It is beautifully simple with its straight lines and symmetry. It often appears in the form of folk art, which I am passionate about. I have a small collection of crosses in my home–ones I have found in my travels that are particularly beautiful, well-crafted and unusual. (I also happen to love rosaries.) But truth be told, it’s far less intimidating to experiment with a cross than to face a daunting, expectant,  plain white canvas. The cross is somehow more forgiving and humble (pun realized and then intended).

Am I religious? I would simply say that my belief system is deeply spiritual. But either way, I consider this primarily an artistic project, so I cannot promise that every cross will be reverential. You and I will both have to stay tuned to see how the (holy) spirit moves me!

I hope you will join me on my year-long journey, and that I can, in some small way, entertain, uplift, inspire or delight you daily…


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